Peace within

Learn the true divine knowledge. Get yourself merged with bhakti yoga to experience divine protection and direction.

Meditation is the ultimate way to lead a peaceful life. Be simple & humble. Keep yourself away from arguments. Life is not be seen as a competition. Associate with Lord through regular prayers. Enjoy the calmness spread in your mind even in a busy life.

Simple worship of God gives us simple solutions to all kind of problems. Add on God’s grace to have a trouble free life. Keep God as the best companion in life to get protection & direction.

Think & Grow divine. Enjoy your life as a learning platform. Have quest on vedic inspirational knowledge & enrich you to face the complicated life courageously. Veda is the strong base of educational system. If basement is strong, structure will be majestic. The acquired divine qualities will transmit fragrance to self & its impact to the relationship will be genuine

Spent time on meditation regularly & invoke blessings of God. Ancient language Sanskrit is rich with rituals and has a close wireless link with God. It is for us to explore it and drink the nectar from it and grow spiritually. Age is not the barrier to learn good things, but the mind is tied up with Maya ( illusion). Get your mind free from maya ( illusions) by chanting prayers regularly with full faith on God. Keep meditation as your hobby and God as your best companion to cross this ocean of uncertain life.

Every soul has to fill the mind with divine thoughts to bring peace within.  The more you seek peace within you, the more you can experience the nectar of calmness in mind, which is essential for proper thinking of brain.

Regular prayers enhances mind concentration. Do not allow the mind to wander. Give direction to your mind to grow spiritually & get abundance of protection, love from God to face challenges in life.  Prayer is an anti virus which protects us from viruses like sorrow, grief, gloom, sin, and hopelessness. Update the anti virus daily and stay blessed.

Worshipping Gods / Goddesses with clean body and a purified mind  takes our divine experience in different dimension. “Do worship God with pure love” ” Do good & Remain Blessed” ” Do not feed impure thoughts in your mind”. Use time preciously by chanting prayers for your own welfare and for universal benefit / peace.

Being or becoming prosperous is at your hands. Shape your life with ardent devotion to God through prayer from heart. Let’s not be suspicious on existence of God, when things go unfavourable. Depending on past actions, everyone passes through good, bad, moderate phases in life. Balancing of mind on all occasions need spiritual support. Focus on long term goals in life (merging of our soul with supreme soul). Seek more spiritual knowledge to get a blissful life. Meditate, exercise the mind, bring it under control, and tap immense energy.

Awake & adore your mind by regularly chanting –

”ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय” ”Aum Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya”

”ॐ नम: शिवाय”. ”Aum Nama Sivaya”

” ॐ शान्ति, शान्ति, शान्तिः” ”Aum  Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi”